Human Resources Due Diligence (HRDD)


Investment companies and private equity funds seek opportunities to invest in companies with sound leadership and management. Through due diligence such investors can understand an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. However, most investors spend time and money on assessing an organization’s finances, products, market, technology, and business plans, but they overlook the people.

Successful HR due diligence can give investors critical information to make investments work. Our HR due diligence services assess and evaluate the existing management team in an organization, the existing HR processes and procedures, and the cultural complexities and dynamics of the organization. Our approach is flexible and responsive, giving you the opportunity to structure the due diligence process to meet your goals and objectives.

Our HRDD services include:

» Structured individual reviews with the executive team
» Structured interviews with tier one and tier two management teams
» Employment contracts and operational committee reviews and analysis
» Process, procedure and practice reviews and analysis
» Organizational climate analysis