Human Resources Management Consulting (HRMC)


Organizations depend on people for their survival and growth. Similarly, people need organizations to support themselves. Unfortunately, this union seldom reaches perfection. Organizations often face problems in meeting their goals, and employees face problems in being productive and efficient and in feeling satisfied with their work. The challenge, therefore, of human resources management (HRM) is to minimize these obstacles and problems and improve the contributions made by people to organizations. However, HRM is no longer a standalone staff function. HR must now shift its attention from current operations to developing strategies for the future. HR then is a vitally important strategic resource. Organizations with successful HRM will be able to attract, motivate, develop, reward, and keep competent, satisfied employees.

To help you achieve your strategic goals, we offer a full complement of HRM services. You can use these services to support your HRM functions, or you can outsource all of your HRM to Sage.

HRM services offered include the development, implementation and management of the following:

» Job Descriptions
» Competency Matrices
» Compensation and Benefits Programs
» Policies and Procedures
» Performance Management Systems
» Employee Engagement Schemes
» Talent Development and Retention Schemes
» Succession Planning Inclusive of Mentoring Programs and Training
» HR Strategies