Human Resource Management System - Services


Core services offered to enhance HRMS selection and integration include the following:

HR Process Re-engineering

Smart businesses view an HRMS implementation as an opportunity to optimize performance through improved HR processes and operational governance. Offering various levels and services to give organizations the flexibility to pick the level of improvement they want to achieve, SAGE’s HR process re-engineering practice can be deployed at any point throughout software selection or implementation. For instance, a company can choose to simply gain a baseline understanding of its current HR processes (and associated time and waste), it can make improvements and optimize key processes, or it can choose to improve and optimize every HR process within its entire organization. At its core, HR process re-engineering helps organizations fundamentally rethink and radically redesign their existing HR processes to improve both efficiency and flexibility.

HRMS Vendor Selection and Contract Negotiations

SAGE’s team of independent HRMS consultants cut through the spin to determine which HRMS system best suits not only the organization you are but, more importantly, the organization you want to become. Unlike our competitors, we don’t push one software package or HRMS vendor over another to benefit our own bottom line.

Instead of using a cookie cutter database to recommend your HRMS system, we apply our extensive expertise to take the time to get to know your business, understand your operational model, get to know your people and find the right fit for your organization. Once we find the right fit, we get you the right price. We also ensure the vendor is committed to an implementation plan that suits your time requirements.

HRMS Implementation Planning & Project Management

We help both private- and public- sector organizations plan and manage their HRMS implementation projects to realize increased benefits and minimize disruption and delays associated with the deployment of HRMS software. Whether implementing a Tier I HRMS system or a Tier II solution, our team of HRMS experts ensures that organizations reap the most return possible from their new capabilities.

Our proprietary HRMS implementation service offering includes complete HRMS project management and support, as well as implementation planning, organizational change management, customized HRMS workshops, project recovery, and HRMS training for organizations of all sizes. We help our clients understand what HRMS implementation is and how to discover the best solutions.