Our Values


Quality: We believe in offering HR solutions that exceed industry quality standards and in managing our customer relationships with care, confidence, and cooperation.

Simplicity: We believe in uncomplicating complicated problems and offering simple, “best-fit” solutions that address core problems and meet an organization’s strategic goals.

Confidentiality: We believe in honest relationships built on integrity and in keeping your business information private and confidential.

Partnership: We believe in forming long-term strategic partnerships to access each other’s skills and strengths and to achieve transformational solutions.

Innovation: We believe in achieving flexible solutions in a realistic timeframe with creative, technology- driven, but user friendly systems.

Change Management: We believe in offering solutions that help you manage growth and change.e.



Our Mission


To provide simple business-focused solutions to our clients’ people and systems problems.


Our Vision


SAGE strives to offer innovative HR and HRMS solutions that inspire confidence and initiate change to meet organizations’ strategic goals.


Our Team


Our HR consultants have extensive search experience and diverse sector knowledge to enable them to remain flexible and responsive. We offer HRMS solutions that are designed with scalability, so, as your business grows, the HRMS can grow with you. We believe in our consultants so you can believe in them too.